MACH2 PACH3 Timari Sequoia Temptation "AVA" is a five time AKC agility champion and has qualified for the AKC National Agility Championships (NAC) five times.  At the 2014 NAC, Ava placed 3rd in the hybrid class and was selected for the competitive Challenger's Round.  In 2014, Ava was ranked the #2 poodle in her division by AKC as well as the #2 poodle in the Breed Power 10 ranking by Bad Dog Agility.  In 2015, Ava was ranked the #3 poodle in her division by AKC and again as the #2 poodle in the Breed Power 10 ranking.  Ava is always ready to train and play.  Ava has intensity and a "fire in the belly" for agility.  When not playing agility, Ava loves small tennis balls and rompiing in the yard.  Most importantly, Ava loces her person and is a much loved constant companion


MACH4 Canisy's Dare To Compare "Dominic" was my husband's dog.  But, that all changed when I started training him four years ago as an "experiment".  I wanted more training experience before getting a puppy and Dominic was an available dog!  If only half of my "experiments" turned out like Dominic!  Once we started working, it was clear that he loves training.  His teeth chatter for those cookies.  We've had bumps and turns in our agility journey, but Dominic has taught me so much about the game we love and, most importantly, that I can love more than one poodle.  Dominic expanded my heart.  When not playing agility, Dom enjoys the couch and the spot on the floor that catches the sun's warm rays.


   CH Choochoo's Call My Bluff CD BN RAE NAP NAJ CAX RATN CGC GS-0 JS-N RS-N
   AKA   "Kruzer"  Kruzer is an all around boy.  Aside from competing in agility, obedience
   rally, barnhunt, lure coursing, and confirmation, he loves  playing  ball with his human 
   dad Mike and laying in Nancy's lap - all 65lbs of him.


CH Ableaim Free Flite Bell Of The Ball, RA  AKA "Ella"  Ella finished her RA at the AOC Trial
under judges Fay Head and Marina Caro with a 95, 89, 98 and 100.


GlenCreek's A Garlic Storm TKN CGC


Norwood's Extrasensory Perception MX MXB MXJ MFB T2B


​Broadcreek's Snow Tip Spruce RN MX MXJ OF T2B CGC GS-O JS-E SP RS-E OP

Video of Kruzer's Open Q
April, 2016