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We hope you can join us for our ACK Trial March 28-29!

Check out the premium for new AKC rules for “Fix and Go” and FEO.

*Below information was taken from AKC Facebook announcement.
Please check our their rules & regulations for more informationto for use at the upcoming trial.

August 2019 Board Meeting-For Exhibition Only Runs & The Fix and Go On OptionFollowing a motion by Mr. Sweetwood,…

Posted by AKC Dog Agility Community on Tuesday, August 20, 2019

FEO: Only during Time2Beat and Fast. When running FEO, the handler may use a toy to reward the dog. At no time may the toy leave the handler’s possession or be thrown, or they will be excused from the ring. No food, no toys that make noise and no balls that can roll away may be used. The handler may train any piece of equipment as many times as they would like. Handlers may touch equipment during the FEO run, which includes resetting the bars.
The judge shall not judge the dog’s run but will watch the run to ensure that the handler is not using harsh commands or corrections and that the run is being done safely. The judge will immediately whistle to excuse the team from the ring for any of these infractions. During FEOruns, dogs may be excused or disqualified for menacing or aggressive behavior as in Chapter 1, Section 23. The judge and ring crew must remain in the ring during an FEO run.

FIX AND GO: At any time during a run the hander may immediately fix a single obstacle one time. The action shall be judged as a Mandatory Elimination, which shall be marked as an “F” on the scribe sheet, resulting in a non-qualifying score (NQ).
The handler may go back up to two obstacles prior to the fix. If a jump bar (bar jump or single bar jump) is knocked, the handler may reset it, but the reset is limited to one jump bar. The dog may not be verbally or physically corrected for the error. Weave poles may be immediately re-attempted three times, but if the dog is brought back one or two obstacles prior to the weave poles, it will be considered the one time Fix and Go On attempt. Once handlers have used the one-time Fix and Go On option, they must immediately finish the course or exit the ring.